Monday, May 2, 2011

Leanne + Jason // Married!

The day was nearly 2 years in the making. Jason asked Leanne to marry him in the summer of 2009 and the anticipation and excitement for their wedding day has been building up steadily since then. Leanne is one of the most organized and efficient people I've met and her day was planned to perfection. Vince and I were invited to photograph the door games and tea ceremony - if the morning was anything like their engagement session, we knew we were in for a whole lot of fun!

As I stepped foot into Leanne's home, I sensed an immediate calmness that could have only been made possible by an easy-going and relaxed bride-to-be. Sure enough, when I went upstairs, I found Leanne in the middle of hair and make-up, all smiles at the prospect of marrying her sweetheart.

Leanne looked stunning and radiant in her cheongsam. As she chatted with her bridesmaids, she cradled the flowers Jason gave her on the morning of their wedding day. He included a handwritten letter and a quirky little gift. As Leanne told us about the gift, she turned to me and said, "you can put this on your blog!" Hehe, I'm happy to oblige!

The story goes like this: Jason didn't know what to give Leanne on their wedding day so he tucked into the envelope the tags from a couple of pillows! Her bridesmaids reacted with a resounding, "huh?" Apparently Leanne loves these little tags. She likes to hold them between her fingertips as she's falling asleep because they're so soft. As she explained it to us, her face lit up in a huge smile. How cute is this couple?!

Meanwhile, Vince spent some time with Jason and the guys as they got ready... despite staying up until 3 a.m. the night before (running some last minute wedding errands!), Jason was in high spirits.

Eventually, the guys called and said they were on their way! The bridesmaids shooed Leanne upstairs to hide. She must have been excited because she kept peeking out! :)

In an attempt to get into the house, the guys offered the girls Tim Hortons coffee, a pink bag full of coins, and a poster of Lam Fung. The poster - and some lucky money to sweeten the deal - seemed to work because they were allowed in soon after.

The fun didn't end once the guys got in the house though. Jason had to proclaim his love for Leanne... in Chinese.

Then the guys had to eat. Instead of offering worms or mud or something equally disgusting, the girls played the game with their brains and selected each guy's most hated food, which included tofu, avocado, and bitter melon. Jason had to eat tofu with a variety of toppings and a couple slices of tomato. Sounds harmless, right? But oh it looked so painful for him!

After the food challenge, the guys were allowed upstairs. As Jason's final requirement before seeing his bride, he had to sing a Backstreet Boys song. Nice!

Then the door opened and Leanne and Jason saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Shortly afterward, we headed to Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility for the tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony is one of my favourite events to photograph. I love the bright colours, the interaction among family members, and the happy couple as they receive advice and gifts to start their marriage.

Leanne and Jason, we were so glad to share in part of your day. We feel blessed to know you and wish you a lifetime filled with joy. :)

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