Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maggie's Baptism

We had a moment to chat and catch up with each other after a busy day of celebration. I found myself holding back tears as Rebecca tried to express in words the love she has for her daughter, Maggie. Rebecca's capacity to love has always been profound. But this love for her daughter, this love is so intense that words could never describe its depth. Yet still, I understood... in the way that Rebecca held her baby girl so gently, in the day that had been planned so perfectly, in the quiet moments shared between mother and daughter.

Rebecca came into my life as I was planning my wedding in 2008. Her helpful and caring personality resonated with me and I trusted her the moment I met her. She and her mom, Maryanne, soon became my day-of coordinators and their support, warmth, and optimism meant the world to me. So when Rebecca contacted me recently to ask me to photograph her daughter's baptism, I was over the moon.

Maggie's baptism was an intimate event with some of Rebecca and Mike's closest family and friends. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and the reception that followed at Rebecca and Mike's home was filled with conversation, food, and laughter.

Before we turn our focus back to the star of the show - beautiful baby Maggie - I want to share a few of my favourite photographs of Rebecca and Mike's family and friends.

Maggie is truly a delight. This 3 month old little girl makes the cutest facial expressions and is such a good baby. I think she slept through the baptism and I never heard her cry throughout the entire day. Maggie was absolutely precious in her delicate lace dress... which was even more special because it was made from Rebecca's own wedding gown.

I am super excited to share the slideshow of Maggie's baptism. I hope you enjoy the photographs. Much love, Lesley.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Happy Family, a Banana, and the Last Long Weekend of Summer

Sam gave his wife a sideways look and said, "but don't give him crackers." Shang gave her husband a slight nod in return. With that, they turned their attention to little Issac and whipped out a delicious banana as his treat for being such a good boy. At 7 months old, Issac loves to eat watermelon, bananas, and crackers. In fact, he loves crackers so much that he gets a little grumpy when his parents deem that he's had enough. I couldn't imagine Issac being grumpy for more than a second... he is such a happy baby!

Sam, Shang, and Issac met with Vince and me on the last long weekend of the summer. The weather threatened to rain but we lucked out. We had a beautiful overcast sky for most of the photoshoot and the sun even peeked out from time to time. The light was simply incredible... just what we needed to create some timeless images for this lovely family.

I love love love this next image of little Issac looking up at his proud papa. This was my perpective:

Vince's perspective:

Issac was sooooo excited to get his treat and we captured so many cute expressions as he munched away. This one was my absolute favourite:

The more I photograph families, the more I realize how much I enjoy it. I love to watch people interact and completely relax in front of the camera. This family is particularly beautiful with radiant smiles that reflects their happy-go-lucky personalities.

Seriously... how happy is this little boy?

Sam, Shang, and Issac, thank you for allowing Vince and me to photograph your beautiful family.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joan | Portraits

Joan is an up-and-coming model and actress in Toronto and I had the pleasure of photographing her recently. She was excellent in front of the camera and had a lovely personality to boot! Joan brought a variety of fun outfits and they all worked really well with the places I had in mind for her shoot.

Gaaaah!!! Joan, you're gorgeous!!!

These next photographs are my favourites. They were taken in a downtown alleyway - in front of this huge garage door that makes for some really dramatic photos. I loved the simplicity of Joan's poses in this next diptych. There is an innocence and vulnerability in the pose, yet I think it still somehow conveys strengh. Joan, I enjoyed collaborating with you tremendously and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours! :)

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