Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Funny Faces, Silly Smiles, and a Perfect Fall Day

It was a perfect fall day. Vince and I headed to Glendon College to photograph the Hurley family. We had met at around the same time last year but the weather that day was overcast and foggy. Not so this year. We were treated to wonderful fall colours, bright and cheerful in the midday sun. The gorgeous light made Glendon College look so different from last year.

Beth, Ryan, and Matthew were just as we remembered them... but with a beautiful addition to the family... lovely baby Katelyn... sweet and happy just like her big brother. What a blessing!

Katelyn is definitely daddy's little girl.

She's at the stage when everything she can get her chubby hands on goes straight into her mouth. Daddy's fingers are no exception!!!

And Matthew? He's growing up to be such a little man! He is so independent and carefree. He loves to run and is super comfortable in front of the camera. A photographer's dream!

Here he is dragging mom around. Beth, now I know how you stay so slim! :)

Gaaah, I wish I had an ivy covered wall. I know this sentence makes no sense but that doesn't make it less true.

I don't think I've ever met a family so collectively natural in front of the camera. Even little Katelyn and her mom are in tune with one another about where to look.

Early in the session, I noticed that Katelyn would look at Ryan a lot. Very very intently. Later in the day, I finally found out why. Ryan makes funny faces for her!!!

Katelyn and mom took a little feeding break so we turned our cameras to Ryan and Matthew. At first Matthew wanted some pictures on his own... so I told him if he's the only one in the photo, he has to give Lesley-The-Girl a big smile. And so he did and, as I laughed, the smile just got sillier and sillier. LOVE IT!!!

Then it was time for one of my favourite thing to photograph... tickle, tickle, giggle, giggle!

And then Matthew went to explore a little.

Immediately after her little break, Katelyn busted out this giant smile!!! Seriously, have you ever seen such pure joy?!

Hugs for baby sister!

As we got ready to leave the campus, Vince took a few photos of the kids just hanging out and doing their own thing...

What a gorgeous family... and with personalities to match! Beth, Ryan, Matthew, and Katelyn... we had so much fun with you. We hope you love the photos! :)

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