Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Sweet Little Girl, Playing It Cool, and Just a Tiny Bit of Hair Envy

Happy New Year!

I wanted to bring in 2012 on this blog by sharing a photo session of one of my favourite families of all time. The session was held in the latter part of 2011 when it was still warm enough to pop outdoors for a few photos. I've known Sue-Lee & Johnny for years and years... they are wonderful people who are now also incredible parents to 5-year-old Maddux & 1-year-old Madelyn. It is always fun to hang out with them all and this photo session was no exception. :)

Maddux doesn't look too impressed with me here but he's just playing it cool.

Meanwhile, little Madelyn was having a ball watching her parents do the happy dance behind me.

A few photos with baby Madelyn...

Sue-Lee & Johnny brought a few changes of clothing session and they were like professional stylists getting Maddux & Madelyn into their next outfits. WOW... so efficient!

Yes, I know. Maddux is still not too impressed with me. Just you wait, he'll warm up.

Here we go! By the time we moved to the next room, Maddux was like, yeah that Lesley is one cool lady. Despite her cackling laugh.

What a little darling!

Loving these photos of mother & daughter:

Like father, like son!

I absolutely ADORE this next series of photos. I think they are just so much fun! You can totally see that something's about to go down in photo #2.

When we moved outdoors, Maddux really came into his own and it was smiles all around!

Sue-Lee has always had amazing hair. I had hair envy when I saw these photos.

One of my favourites:

We ended our photo session with a couple photos of just Sue-Lee & Johnny while Vince entertained Maddux & Madelyn. :) Love you guys!!!

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