Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wanderings... Arizona and Nevada

It's been a few weeks since our trip to WPPI in Las Vegas but it's never too late to share a few photos. Okay, I'm actually about to share many many photos. Arizona and Nevada, the very tiny parts that we saw, were beautiful. I wanted to call out numerous times to Vince to pull over so I could photograph random cacti or dirt roads but we were on a tight timeline to see the Hoover Dam, Route 66, and the Grand Canyon in one day's time. Plus he doesn't like it when I tell him to stop unexpectedly in traffic. So instead of asking him to stop, I hinted at it by saying that we should take a photography road trip one day and stop anywhere we please. He didn't get the hint but he did agree to the road trip. No idea when or where this will be but would anyone care to join in on the fun? I'm tentatively thinking of around 2 weeks of driving, stopping whenever we please, photographing anything remotely interesting, eating disgustingly greasy food, staring at the stars, snacking in the car, playing silly word association games, and listening to all kinds of music... all the while singing along of course.

Here are some of our photos, beginning with the Colorado River Bridge (aka the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge), which was under construction at the time. These two images are among my favourites. I love bridges and I was happy we got to see this one when it had a big piece still missing. I don't think I've ever seen a new bridge under construction so this was very exciting for me.

Not sure what we were doing but we spent way too much time at the Hoover Dam. It was just so darn sunny that we didn't want to go back in the car.

After a few hours of driving, we stopped in Seligman. I'm so glad we did because it is such a quaint little town. The people are adorable and so NICE! We stumbled upon this town because I had decided that it looked like the ideal spot to check out Historic Route 66 when I was doing my research on Google Maps. So basically we lucked out.

Then to my favourite place on Earth right now - in fact, I'm currently obsessed with going back, hiking below the rim to the Colorado River, and spending two nights in the canyon. Maybe next year? During this brief visit, Vince and I arrived at the canyon right before sunset and, while we didn't have enough time to get to a good spot to watch the sunset, we saw the canyon gradually change colour from deep red to dusky blue.

After spending the day in Arizona, we headed back to Vegas for the rest of the week. We had a packed schedule and the time just flew by! Here are some of my favourite photos of Sin City.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Downtown Toronto Mural Wall

There is something that has really grown on me over the years - outdoor wall art - you know, fancy graffiti, peeling paintings done on brick, and huge mural walls. I'm not sure where the fascination came from but I am simply drawn to these works of art. I spied this mural wall as Vince and I sat in a Starbucks, sipping our fancy hot drinks and eating little snacks. I gasped in my characteristically over-animated way when I see something I like. I grabbed Vince's jacket sleeve and tugged, "Let's go there after..." Vince gave the beautiful wall a cursory glance and looked away. Okay, so he was not at all interested. But it was on our way so we went anyway.

Since we had just come from a couple mini-talks at Henry's, we had our cameras with us. With every step towards the mural, I fell more in love with it - the colours, the detail, the hugeness, the sheer magnificence of the art. I wish I had a big ladder or a crane so I could photograph every foot.

I took a few photos of the wall and then asked Vince to pose for me. He did his best to ignore me but I persisted so he stood closer to the wall and ignored me. As I inched closer and closer to him, he eventually cooperated with a quick smile. When I was done photographing him, he went about photographing everything in sight except the mural wall.

Gaaaah, how amazing would this wall be to a backdrop for a photo shoot. Any volunteers? I wish I had known about this wall when Vince and I were having our engagement photos done. We got some great graffiti backdrops in Kensington Market but, I tellya, this mural wall takes the cake. If you know of any incredible outdoor wall art in the downtown area, please let me know so I can check it out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Picture

It's strange how sometimes, when I'm so wrapped up in myself and what I'm doing, something happens that completely throws me off kilter. That completely shifts my perspective on life. That makes me realize the world is so much bigger than little insignificant me. That simultaneously makes my problems smaller and allows me appreciate all that I have. It's definitely been one of those weeks.

I am trying to see the bigger picture... to not fret about inconsequential matters... to be a better friend, sister, daughter, and wife... because life is dear and time is precious. There is beauty beyond the everyday but every day is beautiful.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nicole + Joel - Destination Wedding

Today felt so much like spring... my walk home was such a treat and tomorrow is supposed to be even better! That makes me so happy as I am definitely a warm weather person and Vince and my week in Las Vegas was not exactly blessed with nice weather. Thankfully, as fate would have it, the sun was shining and the temperature was warm for Nicole and Joe's beautiful destination wedding.

Nicole and Joe are fellow Canadians (from Edmonton, Alberta) and Vince and I were terribly excited to meet and get to know them. They met 4 years ago at a football game - Joe is a friend of Nicole's brother - and have been engaged for about a year. When I asked how they decided to get married in Vegas, Nicole shared with us that they had just made the decision a week and a half before the trip... talk about being spontaneous! They were going to Vegas for a vacation anyway and since it's the wedding capital of the world and Nicole already had a beautiful wedding dress... well, you know. Personally, I think it was written in the stars.

We started the day at Caesar's Palace - such a lovely spot for wedding portraits!

Nicole and Joe are so natural together and are beautiful both inside and out. I love how, after Nicole got twirled, she wanted to twirl Joe... not only did he agree, but actually looked like he was having a good time!

Nicole made a gorgeous bride! She looked stunning but was totally down to earth and ready to enjoy her day to the fullest.

If you follow my blog, you know I'm addicted to looks. The way two people look at each other has so much meaning and often gives me the shivers. Sometimes it's easy to forget how your significant other looks at you with so much love... so I think it's important that I try to capture these looks with my lens.

Soon, it was time to head to the chapel for the ceremony. Now, I might be in the minority but I really love the ceremony. The anticipation as the bride walks down the aisle and the look on the groom's face as he awaits her. The way the couple looks at each other as they say their vows. Again, it comes down to the look - which you may not even notice in the moment - but then you have the photos to prove it! Honey, you do love me... see!!!

I love this next image that Vince captured because everyone looks so happy... and ready to PARTY!

Congratulations, Nicole and Joe... we are so grateful that you allowed us to share in your beautiful day. All the best for a wonderful marriage and do keep in touch!

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