Tuesday, October 15, 2013

South Plaza and Dragon Hill

Seriously does not get prettier than this.

One of the tour guides mentioned that the island of South Plaza was his favourite. I'll admit, I wasn't entirely sure why at first...

My perspective...

The next two are Vince's perspective. He clearly wins. To which I say, "it's not a competition!"

Now that I'm looking back at the photos, the island was pretty stunning. There is a different type of ground vegetation called Sesuvium. When we were there (during dry season), it was a vibrant orange-red.

The landscape was incredible!

Vince and I decided to switch lenses for this portion of the trip. Let's just say I'll stick with my (itty bitty) prime lenses! So much easier to handle and have I mentioned how much I dislike zooming? While zoom is supposed to provide you with more flexibility, I think it actually limits me as I have a tendency to over think things.

This lovely photo was taken by Vince... I used a lot of his photos for this blog post.

Iguanas fighting for food...

After our walk on South Plaza, we headed back to the ship for lunch. The food on the Celebrity Xpedition was very good. There were different themes for lunch every day (buffet style) and dinner was always a la carte.

After lunch, we headed to Dragon Hill for a very muddy walk. It was literally get-your-shoe-stuck muddy! Can you see Vince in the background of this photo?

Not only was it muddy, it was also raining. Fortunately, nature is extra beautiful when it rains.

There were both land iguana and marine iguana on Dragon Hill.

On the way back to the ship, we saw some gorgeous golden stingrays!

At this point, we were nearing the end of our trip. This was our last day in the natural, rugged terrain of the Galapagos. We didn't see a single house, car, or power line on any of the islands we visited... and it was incredibly refreshing. The next day will mark our return to civilization.

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