Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Downtown Toronto Mural Wall

There is something that has really grown on me over the years - outdoor wall art - you know, fancy graffiti, peeling paintings done on brick, and huge mural walls. I'm not sure where the fascination came from but I am simply drawn to these works of art. I spied this mural wall as Vince and I sat in a Starbucks, sipping our fancy hot drinks and eating little snacks. I gasped in my characteristically over-animated way when I see something I like. I grabbed Vince's jacket sleeve and tugged, "Let's go there after..." Vince gave the beautiful wall a cursory glance and looked away. Okay, so he was not at all interested. But it was on our way so we went anyway.

Since we had just come from a couple mini-talks at Henry's, we had our cameras with us. With every step towards the mural, I fell more in love with it - the colours, the detail, the hugeness, the sheer magnificence of the art. I wish I had a big ladder or a crane so I could photograph every foot.

I took a few photos of the wall and then asked Vince to pose for me. He did his best to ignore me but I persisted so he stood closer to the wall and ignored me. As I inched closer and closer to him, he eventually cooperated with a quick smile. When I was done photographing him, he went about photographing everything in sight except the mural wall.

Gaaaah, how amazing would this wall be to a backdrop for a photo shoot. Any volunteers? I wish I had known about this wall when Vince and I were having our engagement photos done. We got some great graffiti backdrops in Kensington Market but, I tellya, this mural wall takes the cake. If you know of any incredible outdoor wall art in the downtown area, please let me know so I can check it out!

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