Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Happy Family, a Banana, and the Last Long Weekend of Summer

Sam gave his wife a sideways look and said, "but don't give him crackers." Shang gave her husband a slight nod in return. With that, they turned their attention to little Issac and whipped out a delicious banana as his treat for being such a good boy. At 7 months old, Issac loves to eat watermelon, bananas, and crackers. In fact, he loves crackers so much that he gets a little grumpy when his parents deem that he's had enough. I couldn't imagine Issac being grumpy for more than a second... he is such a happy baby!

Sam, Shang, and Issac met with Vince and me on the last long weekend of the summer. The weather threatened to rain but we lucked out. We had a beautiful overcast sky for most of the photoshoot and the sun even peeked out from time to time. The light was simply incredible... just what we needed to create some timeless images for this lovely family.

I love love love this next image of little Issac looking up at his proud papa. This was my perpective:

Vince's perspective:

Issac was sooooo excited to get his treat and we captured so many cute expressions as he munched away. This one was my absolute favourite:

The more I photograph families, the more I realize how much I enjoy it. I love to watch people interact and completely relax in front of the camera. This family is particularly beautiful with radiant smiles that reflects their happy-go-lucky personalities.

Seriously... how happy is this little boy?

Sam, Shang, and Issac, thank you for allowing Vince and me to photograph your beautiful family.

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