Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chan Family Portraits

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Vince and I took a long walk through the downtown core so we could photograph the Chan family. As we entered the historic Distillery District and walked towards our meeting spot, I looked around and exclaimed, "it's so beautiful here!" And it was. I've been to the Distillery District a gillion times but there's something especially lovely about quiet Sunday mornings when there is hardly a soul around. There's no urgency about the day... it's a perfect day to spend with family. Vince of course thought I was nuts.

Joseph and Phyllis are the proud parents of little Joellis. There is a wonderful calmness about this family. Joellis is photographed quite often by her loving father. In fact, he told me that he takes thousands of photos of his daughter! I could soon tell that this was indeed the case because Joellis was perfectly comfortable with the camera - although she may have been confused as to why her father was not behind the lens. This calm and happy child is a perfect reflection of her parents.

Below is a series of Joseph with his little girl - we really love these images because Joseph mentioned that he does not have many photos with his family.

Joseph, Phyllis, and Joellis... thank you so much for a great morning! The slideshow collection will be posted soon!

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