Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Flies When You're With A Good Friend

Wow. I absolutely cannot believe we are already at the end of February. Thank goodness this is a leap year because I am not ready for it to be March. Yes, I'm aching for warmer weather (we've been blessed with a mild winter yet still I yearn for spring) but I somehow wish time could move just a little slower. It's difficult to find enough hours to do all the things on my lists. To spend time with friends and family. To sit still and just be.

That's why I'm thankful that many of my good friends are just as committed as I am to ensure we spend a little time together every single month. Because a good friend is hard to find. And because a good friend is what keeps me sane.

Even though, when we get together, we have a tendency to act slightly insane.

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