Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Study of Paris

Vince and I took a trip to Paris in June of this year, after booking an amazing deal through Sears (Thomas Cook) travel. It was Vince's first time in Paris (my second time) and I am happy to say he loved it! This will be a very photo heavy post of our time in Paris. We also spent some time in the Champagne region, Honfleur, and Mont St. Michel but I'll share those photos another day.

Yes, it's touristy but who could not love the Eiffel Tower? I want to spend a full day just photographing the Eiffel tower. We didn't take a trip to the top because there was only one lift working, which meant around 2 hours in line.

There is no shortage of historical buildings, bridges, museums, and monuments in Paris. There is literally something to see at every turn. The following is a mishmash of various sights throughout our trip.

What made this trip extra special was when we met our friend Christina in Montmartre! She took the train over from London and we spent the day together. It was so nice to see a familiar face on the other side of the ocean.

The following day was our day trip to Honfleur and Mont St. Michel (photos will follow in a subsequent post). We started the day at Le Train Bleu - I highly recommend it for breakfast because it is more reasonably priced than lunch or dinner... and you can soak in the beautiful baroque decor while sipping on your fancy coffee and munching on pastries. It is not very busy in the morning - the patrons consisted of a few business people and a handful of tourists. I would definitely make a return visit.

I love this photo Vince took of the resident cat.

When we got back to Paris after our little road trip, we climbed the spiral staircase to the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

I had totally forgotten about the sparkling Eiffel Tower! It was such a pretty surprise.

We spent our last morning in Paris at the Louvre. Thank goodness I'm a bit of a paranoid nut. I dragged us through the halls of the Louvre like a maniac so we could see the Mona Lisa. Lucky we saw it early because it would have been next to impossible to get as close as we did later in the day.

Part of me wants to spend a day in the Louvre looking for puppies and bunnies in the paintings.

I love portraits. As someone who is not that skilled at drawing, I have no idea how an artist can capture someone's likeness. I find it astounding.

My absolute favourite painting of them all. It's just so quirky and odd.

We ended our trip by spending our last afternoon shopping in Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps. I love Paris and hope we'll be lucky enough to visit again one day.

I will be posting more photos soon of the Champagne region, Honfleur, Mont St. Michel, and the Rodin Museum. :)

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