Sunday, May 19, 2013

Comorant Point and Post Office Bay

Another beautiful day on the Galapagos Islands! Since I had my macro lens on this trip, I wanted to showcase a little of the plant life. I find that flora is usually neglected as I focus mostly on fauna.

Flamingos are always fun to photograph - the pink colour of these birds contrasts so nicely with the earthy colours of nature! I have never seen flamingos fly though so I was taken aback by how striking their wings are with the black accents. Vince took the photos of the flamingos in flight!

We were so fortunate to see a sea turtle on shore! We watched him for a very very long time and he didn't move so we were worried about him despite our guide's assurances that he was just fine... as if on cue, the sea turtle looked up and told us he was A-OK. Then he slowly made his way back into the ocean.

In the afternoon, we headed to Post Office Bay. I was not too interested in seeing this stop but the concept is kind of neat. The idea is to leave your postcards in the "mailbox" and any travelers who live near you are supposed to take your postcards with them and hand deliver them to you. We eventually received our postcards back but the people who took ours just mailed them to us when they got back to their home city. The zodiac ride to Post Office Bay was really lovely so I'm glad we took the trip.

When we got back to the ship, Vince and I took a tour of the bridge! I believe the Celebrity Xpedition is one of a small number of ships that still allow these tours. It was really interesting!

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