Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christina - Lifestyle Session

Vince and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Christina's lifestyle session. Chris is artistic, quirky, creative, sweet, and kind - so we were sure the photoshoot would be both inspiring and fun. We got all that we expected and more! Chris was open to anything and even though we went out in sub-zero degree weather, she modelled for us like a pro.

Ever prepared, Chris brought a ton of props and accessories for us to work with. This umbrella is the cutest thing! I LOVE IT!

Our toes were freezing (rain boots in the winter without thick socks = not a good idea) so we headed to an indoor location for the second half of the shoot. On our way, I would stop here and there to get a few more photos. My favourite backdrop were these horizontal slats at a nearby condominium building.

We were much more comfortable once we got indoors and were able to assemble our mobile flash setup without getting numb fingers - oh my, those light stands get so icy! We got a lot of variety in our shots including a dreamy quality with backlighting.

This next shot is from my favourite sequence of the day. Christina told us she was so nervous for the shoot but we wouldn't have noticed at all if she hadn't told us. Especially during this dramatic lighting sequence! Chris brought these wicked glam sunglasses and WORKED IT! These photos were so much fun to take and we shared so many laughs.

For our last sequence, we did a few classic headshots. Christina is a playwright, director, producer, and actor (am I missing anything?) and wanted some updated headshots for her portfolio so we were happy to oblige. Below are two of my favourites. Chris, so much fun to hang out with you as always - I hope you like the photos! The slideshow collection will be posted soon. :)

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