Sunday, February 28, 2010

I. Am. Canadian.

WOOHOO! What an amazing day today. The weather was gorgeous, I had an uber productive and creative day, Vince and I are three days away from our Las Vegas trip, and Team Canada won gold!

In honour of the Olympics and the most golden of years, I made this necklace just after Sidney Crosby scored the game winner in OT (Vince had to work tonight and I think I heard his cheers all the way from the hospital). The necklace is my interpretation of the Olympic rings. It consists of 5 golden circles on a delicate golden chain. They sit one on top of each other but they move around so you can tell there are 5 of them. Sighs, making stuff always makes me happy.

Yes indeedy, it's been an amazing day today. In fact, it's been an amazing 17 days. Yay, Canada!

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