Friday, August 6, 2010

67/101 | Friends, Love, and a Silly Camera

A year ago to this day, it was a mere 2 days before my wedding. I had not a care in the world except ensuring that my guests had a fun and eventful night filled with good food and entertainment. I was also marrying my favourite person in the whole world so that was something to be excited about. Oh yes, that was something definitely worth celebrating!

As Vince and I approach our first anniversary, we are going to take some time away from work, the all-consuming Internet, and Farmville (well, for Vince anyway... I swear!). We are going to celebrate our one year of being husband and wife by eschewing all things online. Instead, we will spend our days and nights working on our time capsule... taking time out only to have Sunday brunch with a few of our dearest friends.

Speaking of friends, I picked up a set of photos this evening that were taken with a rubber and plastic camera called Golden Half. It basically takes a single 35mm exposure (yes, film!!) and splits it in half so each frame contains two images. Confusing, yes. SDM screwed up the prints, yes. However, I did receive the soft copy of the images intact so I will share a few with you as I approach my last 1.5 hours of online freedom before my work free weekend.

But first, here is my Golden Half unboxed... shipped all the way from Hong Kong!

So what kind of photos does this little camera take? It takes wicked half-frame lo-fi film photographs, that's what! This first diptych contains one of my favourite images from the entire roll of 24 exposures - an image of the CN tower. I just love how the sun provides a hot spot with lovely rays of light encircling it. I think you know the photo that I mean! The other photo isn't anything to write home about, but hey, it's a diptych so I have to keep them together, right?

Here are a few of my other favourites:

This next image is of Christina on the ferry back from Ward's Island. She's sipping her highly anticipated and much deserved coffee. The image to the right of her? Umm, I can't make it out either. And sadly, my memory isn't what it used to be.

The subject of the next diptych is someone who you have not yet seen on my blog but who is very near and dear to my heart. If I were to have a friend soulmate, this would be her. Isn't she gorgeous? I can't remember what she was pointing at but it must have been quite hilarious! :)

In celebrating my first anniversary and a rare work-free weekend, please note that I will not be checking e-mail until Monday morning (i.e. August 9); however, if you need to reach me urgently, I will be available on iPhone - please feel to call or text me. Happy weekend!

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