Monday, December 27, 2010

3/101 | Jeymy Jasel and the Cerro de Plata Project

About 6 months ago, I stumbled upon this blog post by a fellow photographer. The post really struck a chord with me and I have been looking into child sponsorship ever since. I knew I really wanted to do it but I also wanted to make sure it was the right fit for us as it would be a multi-year commitment.

On December 12 of this year, Vince and I took the plunge.

About a week later, we received an information packet with information about our sponsor child, Jeymy Jasel, and the project that we are supporting, Cerro de Plata in Honduras. The specific community improvements include long term initiatives relating to education, health and hygiene, and economic development.

Taking a lesson from Melissa Jill's very candid blog post, I have had it in my mind to write to Jeymy Jasel since the very day I received the information packet. With the hectic schedule of Christmas now behind us, I set about writing to the adorable 6-year-old as soon as I woke up this morning.

There are certain protocols that need to be observed when writing to a sponsor child - letters, cards, photographs, and flat gifts such as stickers or bookmarks are encouraged. Money, photographs of your home, and information relating to your specific address are not. I kept all of this in mind as I put together a small package for Jeymy Jasel today. The World Vision office in Honduras is responsible for delivering the letters and will also translate the messages into Spanish. Hehe, that's a good thing because all I know is, "Hola" and "Feliz Navidad"... Alright, I may know a little more but not enough to write a proper sentence.

When Vince and I were in Guatemala in 2007, one of our trip-mates took a detour to visit his sponsor daughter near the build site. On that same trip, we visited the Copán ruins, a Mayan archeological site in Honduras near the Guatemalan border, but Cerro de Plata is in a different part of the country. Hopefully, Vince and I will be able to visit the community one day. :)

We are very early in the process but this has still been an incredibly rewarding experience thus far. I am really excited to get future updates about Jeymy Jasel and the Cerro de Plata project!

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