Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Scavenger to Studio

Once upon a time, there was a silly girl with a camera. She had big dreams but didn't know where to start. So she searched the wide Internet world for like-minded people and joined a meetup group of photographers. Soon enough, there was an event that caught her eye. Feeling very alone in a big sea of newness, she enlisted her best buddy to join her. "Please join me on this scavenger hunt!" And of course her fun-loving friend replied, "of course!"

A few weeks later, the day arrived. Armed with their cameras and creativity, the two girls set about completing the challenge the only way they knew how: with a flurry of ideas and a whole lotta fun. Their team won 2nd place. Their prize was 4 hours of time at a Toronto studio. The girls were excited and happy. They gathered as many outfits as their little hands could hold, skipped over to the studio, modeled for each other, and had a grand ole time. Jumping. Dancing. Laughing. Sometimes being serious too. But only very rarely.

More photos from the studio session soon! Click here to check out what happens when this silly girl models for the super-duperly talented photographer!

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