Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tania and Vanessa - Sisters Session

It was a cold, cold day just after the New Year. Vince and I headed up to the University of Toronto to photograph my collegue's daughters for our first ever sisters session. We weren't sure what to expect but Tania and Vanessa are such sweet and easygoing young ladies that the session was a breeze!

We had a little trouble finding a building at U of T that was open since the school had not yet resumed after the holidays but eventually we made it to Hart House and had a variety of lovely backdrops for our shoot. Vince set up this silhouetted shot that I found to be so dramatic!

What I liked most about our session was how Tania and Vanessa never stopped smiling. They seem to really get along and enjoy each other's company. Even though Tania is attending school out of the city, the sisters try to have a chat several times a week.

There was a really intense musician playing piano in one of the common rooms. He was so good! We ducked in quickly to take a few photos by the window - you gotta love that natural light. The girls look so beautiful in these images - they are some of my favourites.

Tania and Vanessa, it was such a pleasure to meet you both. Thanks for being so great in front of the camera on a bone chilling day!

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