Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heather + Mitchell | Engagement | Downtown Toronto

Heather and Mitchell got engaged last year in romantic Hawaii. I was so excited to learn this because Hawaii is one of Vince and my favourite places. In fact, when Heather and Mitchell get married on October 16, Vince and I will be on our way home from a week-long vacation in Maui!

If you've ever seen me excited about something, I have to tell ya, it's a little scary. I am really really good at finding things in common with people. For example, if your sister's name is Jane, I might say something like, "My father's aunt's best friend's name is Jane!" It's odd - and oftentimes a bit of a stretch - but it does help break the ice. So, with Hawaii as a commonality, Vince and I happily went about photographing Heather and Mitchell's engagement session.

These two are cute beyond words!

Mitchell loves the water and happily flung off his shoes and waded into a nearby fountain. Heather was reluctant for about a nanosecond but soon joined him.

This next photograph is actually a reflection in a slab of black polished stone - I love how it looks so intimate. Ironically, the effect was made possible because it was such a bright and sunny day!

Mitchell told us that Heather was so nervous about the engagement shoot. When I was photographing Mitchell's individual portraits, Vince captured this image of Heather. Look at her intense concentration!

Heather did not show her nerves though - I would not even have known if Mitchell had not mentioned it. In fact, I think Heather's beauty clearly shines through in these photographs. Her eyes are just amazing. Actually, both she and Mitchell have striking eyes.

I love it when we capture a couple's quiet and tender moments.

Heather and Mitchell, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Vince and I will be thinking of you!!

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