Saturday, August 14, 2010

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When Christina met up with Vince and me for her winter photoshoot last year, one of the first things she said to me was that for her next shoot, she wanted to incorporate her bike. That's right, we had barely even started and she was already thinking of the next one. This is something I love about Christina - she is always so positive, optimistic, forward thinking, and happy. If you don't have a friend like this in your life, you need to find one. Pronto.

If you tuned in to the preview of Christina's bicycle shoot, you'll already know that we went to Ward's Island and incorporated a lot of movement into the photographs. However, this barely scratches the surface of our few hours on the island! We had amazing weather, beautiful clouds, a variety of scenery, and many many props and outfits! It was such a fun and creative shoot - and extremely difficult to narrow down the images.

Since Christina is a yoga enthusiast, we knew we had to incorporate some poses into our photographs. Here is her favourite pose... although I'm not sure whether it is anymore as I made her do it so many times to get different angles and backgrounds!

This next photograph is one of my favourites. I'm really into lo-fi and vintage images - sometimes when I go thrifting, I go through old 25 cent photographs and pick out the ones I like. I never buy them - I always put them all back - but one day I will. This image reminds me of the old photographs and I love its slightly out-of-focus and desaturated look:


Christina loves to bake and was so sweet to bring freshly baked cookies for us to share during our early morning shoot!

We met the morning after a night of intense rain and these little guys were everywhere - we were so afraid we'd accidentally step on one or roll over one with the bike. Thankfully, it didn't happen!

Then the sun came out so we biked a little more before heading back to the downtown core to avoid the weekend rush. It was quite literally the perfect summer day.

I'll end off with another one of my favourites. There's just something I love about this one - yes, even with the tilted horizon! Thanks Chris for an amazing day - Vince and I had such a blast. :)

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